Passion to take on new challenges

I am always looking forward to accept new and unknown challenges. Gaining knowledge quickly and using that knowledge by getting your hands dirty plays a huge role in order to be able to properly digest the burst of new information and difficult to handle situations.

Overall experience

I have worked as an systems administrator, programming freelancer and as a security specialist. It gives me an overall understanding of information technology and empathy regarding the people who work in these positions.

Attacker's mindset

Approaching the security I always look from the attacker's perspective first. Participating in CTF's (Capture The Flag) challenges, doing various product and malware testing in my spare time, reading up on various APT research let's me keep this mindset up to date.

Ability to automate

One of the most important things of how I approach things is to make them as easy and simple as possible. Either it's software development, forensics data collection, security intelligence gathering we, the security people, are limited in resources and time. The only way to make life easier for us is automation.



Technical expert regarding securityApr, 2018 — March, 2019

I used to be a Technical expert regarding various security and data analysis products, their implementations and usage.

  • Presented and helped to implement on a practical and logical basis Thycotic PAM solutions in various Public sector and finance sector organizations
  • Presented and helped to implement on a practical and logical basis LogRhythm SIEM products in various public sector organizations
  • Presented and helped to implement on a practical and logical basis Elastic Stack and Bro IDS for specific customer enviroments
  • Helped in the implementation of ISO 27000 standard as CISO
  • Security analysis/audit of aforementioned security products
  • Internal penetration tests and Advanced penetration test demonstrations
  • Consulting clients about security problems or incidents, explaining the technical details behind them and how to prevent them

ELKO Group

Security administratorOct, 2017 — Apr, 2018

I used to be a security administrator responsible for the organization's security.

  • Performed various penetration tests on internal and external websites
  • Performed various security analysis on current state of Active Directory, Anti-virus effectivity, Firwall effectivity
  • Performed malware analysis on malicious files
  • Responded to and executed forensic analysis on security incidents
  • Implementation and integration of Elastic Stack, Cuckoo sandbox, Bro IDS, OpenVAS all in one security solution
  • Wrote various scripts and ansible playbooks to automate the usage and deployment of the aforementioned products

BTA Insurance

Systems AdministratorMay, 2017 — Oct, 2017

I worked as a systems administrator and also developed automation for various inhouse products

  • Network installation and configuration for BTA's new office building with HP Aruba switching gear and Access Points
  • Wrote a script to auto-configure over 250 IP phones with the correct network settings and configuration
  • Wrote a script to gather data weekly from various IP connected printers, aggregate them and combine them into a unified report
  • Implemented Graylog SIEM system
  • Developed an internal website from ground-up with room availability integrated with MS Exchange calendars
  • Was responsible for MS Exchange solution, in which also various automation scripts were created and later logs were aggregate in Graylog SIEM


Computer Network SpecialistOct, 2016 — May, 2017

I worked as a HPE solutions specialist with a focus on the network products

  • Experience with various HPE Networking products including ProCurve, Comware, Aruba
  • Most experience with HPE Aruba products which include Access Point clustering, Clearpass 802.11X authentication solution, Airwave for headless switch configuration distributions
  • Wireless penetration testing to demonstrate the HPE Aruba Access Points IPS capabilities
  • Developed a system to scrape and modify data from a Latvian govement e-auctions system
  • Developed a system to gather data from iLO REST API about server status in organization


Systems AdministratorJun, 2014 — Oct, 2016

I worked as a systems administrator and my responsibilties included everything related to IT in the company

  • My responsibilities included Server virtualization (VmWare), Network configurations(HP, Juniper, MikroTik), Workstation management, Active Directory
  • Was responsible for the development and implmenetation of a disaster recovery site
  • Developed an internal inventarization system, which was integrated with the accounting system (Horizon)
  • Participation in the project to create an automated perimeter security line around the corganization's territory


Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)


Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE)


The Security Automation Lab Certificate of Completion


Completed an Security Automation lab led by Ty Miller from Threatintelligence

Rapid7 AppSpider Enterprise Certified Specialist


Rapid7 InsightIDR Certified Specialist


Rapid7 AppSpider Pro Certified Specialist


Rapid7 InsightVM Certified Administrator


Rapid7 Metasploit Pro Certified Specialist


Thycotic Certified Secret Server Specialist™


MCSA: Linux on Azure - Certified 2018


MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure — Certified 2018


Exam 533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions


Exam 744: Securing Windows Server 2016


Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate


Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS)


HP Accredited Technical Professional FlexNetwork Solutions V3


HP Accredited Technical Professional Server Solutions V2


Mikrotik MTCNA


VMware Certified Associate 6 Network Virtualization


Course completion on "Certified Ethical Hacker v8"


Publications & projects

Creating POC (proof-of-concept) exploits for Redmine

This vulnerability is not initially discovered by me, but since it was required for an engagement a POC was generated by analyzing the code commits.



Script written in golang to test .NET sites if they are vulnerable to cookieless reflected XSS

The tool is easily integrated with other bug bounty hunting tools from like httprobe

Code repository.

Article about vulnerability discovery and usage.

2018 - A talk about "DOH! DNS over HTTPS" in a Latvia based security conference "Cyberchess"

Let’s secure our privacy on the internet by securing our DNS.

Video link.